Welcome to Children & Company Cooperative Preschool!

Children & Company is a private non-profit cooperative preschool located in Howard County, Maryland.

We believe that “children’s play is their work” and we have created an environment in which children are free to explore their own interests while becoming part of the school community.



Tuesday, Thursday (2-2.5 hours)


Monday, Wednesday, Friday (2.5 hours)


Monday – Thursday (2.5 hours), optional Friday STEM


We love this preschool! The best teachers who really know how to nurture and teach all children.

The Thober Family

My kids and I really got to know and trust the other parents, and I appreciated the opportunity to get to know my kids’ friends. I love that the parents all support each other and each others’ children in these extraordinary but sometimes challenging preschool years.

The Chang Family

The teachers are incredible, energetic and amazing. And not just with the kids. They taught me so much as a parent.

The Villegas Family

The teachers and curriculum are top-notch. I continue to be impressed by how wonderful this school has been for our family!

The Gazan Family

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