Inclusivity Statement

Children & Company Cooperative Preschool believes that it is never too early to start learning about diversity, equity, and fairness. Our school commits to teaching our children to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate our differences and to speak up for what is right.

We welcome all of our members to be part of the conversation so we can help each other and our school to continue to improve and grow.
One demonstration of Children & Company’s dedication to diversity is holding an Executive Board position for an Inclusivity Coordinator. The Inclusivity Coordinator helps update current structures within our school foundation to support inclusive learning and uphold social change in accordance with our Inclusivity Statement and beyond. With guidance from our teachers, the Inclusivity Coordinator works to infuse diversity and inclusivity in classroom literature, play props, puzzles, costumes, music, among other areas. They will also create opportunities for growth for our adult community members through workshops, presentations and various forms of resource sharing. This Board member will annually survey our preschool community to gather ideas on how to increase representation of our unique backgrounds and identities.

We believe that by raising our children to be inclusive of all human variances today it will allow them to grow into adults who will contribute to a more equitable tomorrow.

Featured Family

Each month our school newsletter features a family within our community.  That family shares some of the things that make them unique and often they even share a family-favorite recipe, books and stories they love, or even a wonderful playlist!

Previously Featured Families

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The Aschard-Mazoyer Family

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