Enrollment Guidelines & Process

Early wait list begins September ($30 non-refundable fee). General wait list opens late January.

Spots are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in enrolling your child at Children & Company, please contact the membership coordinator for more information.

Your child must be the age of the class he/she is entering by September 1 of the school year. Potty training is not required.

Co-op Information

Every family with a child enrolled in Children & Company is a member of the co-op. Our school depends on the participation of all its members to run efficiently and effectively. Parents share the work of administering and managing the school.

As a member of the co-op, each family is required to:

Hold a job within the school.
Attend three General and one Class meetings per year.
Take part in school fundraising opportunities and events.
Participate in one monthly cleaning of the school each year.
Participate in the classroom on a rotating basis as either the co-op person, whose primary job is to assist the teachers in the classroom, or the set-up person, whose primary responsibility is to assist the co-op person with setting-/packing-up the classroom.

Co-op Jobs

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