Inclusivity Statement

Children & Company Cooperative Preschool believes that Black lives matter. As a school and as a community, we join the call for action to end systemic racism and violence against Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

We believe that preschool is not too early to start learning about race, equity, and fairness. Our school commits to teaching our children to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate our differences and to speak up for what is right. We welcome all of our members to be part of the conversation so we can help each other and our school to continue to improve and grow. Our teachers are actively working on greater diversification in our classroom.

We believe that by raising our children to be anti-racist today, they will grow into adults who will contribute to a more equitable tomorrow. 

Featured Family

Each month our school newsletter features a family within our community.  That family shares some the things that make them unique and often they even share a family-favorite recipe, books and stories they love, or even a wonderful playlist!

The Logan Family

Logan Family

Hi Everyone! We are the Logan family. Our youngest, Easton, is in the 2s and Luna, our oldest is in the 4s. Mom, Val, grew up just down the road in Laurel (Scaggsville) and Dad, Dave, grew up right outside of Philly in the suburbs. We feel fortunate to be a part of this wonderful school community. 

We have had so much fun learning about some of the families that attend our school, helping to initiate some of our brand new inclusive programs and watching our community grow and support one another. Our family considers itself to be mixed race. Mom is black and dad is white.  Cultural identity has been a unique experience for us in having children and making sure that they have pride surrounding all parts of themselves has been central to the way that we live and parent. Much of Dave’s family is from Canada and his older sister lives in Scotland (her husband is Scottish) with her family. Mom has made it a point to learn more about her ethnic background but, most of her family comes from North Carolina and she is very attached to the rich traditions of the southern Black experience.

As we enter into the month of February, we are so excited to Celebrate Black History Month. We make a big deal out of this month in the Logan household and have lots of fun talking about Black and African American Icons of the past and present! We typically do lots of craft, expand our library with a few new books and cook lots and lots of Southern food! This year, Luna has helped to construct our list of people to talk about.In creating the list, her only request was “Can we talk about Lizzo?” 

We have had so much fun looking at the beautiful recipes that other families have submitted and cooking a few of them as well! In our very untraditional fashion, below is a Black History month playlist with some of our personal favorites. This playlist features a few Black artists of the past and present.  Val & Dave danced down the aisle to “Got to Give it up”, “If you want me to Stay” is Val’s favorite song of all times and “Juice” by Lizzo happens to be requested almost daily by both Luna & Easton for living room dance parties! We hope you have fun with this!

Logan Kids